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The 3rd year student's of MOGCHS designed this site to give the viewers idea what is MOGCHS about?


Mogchs is the oldest school found at the heart of the City of Golden Friendship, Cagayan de Oro City.I think the estimated number of students from SY 2007-08 is about 8,400. Our respected principal, Mr. Pedro H. Montejo has a lot of problems to cope up from this school year. I think, his no.1 priority in this school year is to provide infrastructures for the students. Next to it will be the discipline. Some students are joining fraternities that might involve such cases that might ruin the name of MOCGHS. In this case, this people should be disciplined by the school and also from their respected homes. MOGCHS is located in the heart of the City of Cagayan de Oro, a total area of 7.3629 hectares. Present assessment of such area indicates the land area to extend from the north side of MOGCHS, which is the Pelaez Sports Center, to the Provincial Capitol area which form part of the provincial Government. The Misamis Oriental High School, now the Misamis Oriental General Comprehensive High School, was founded through the initiative of the late Don Apolinar Velez y Ramos, the first elected Governor of Misamis province that then composed the present provinces of Misamis Oriental and Misamis Occidental. The school was formally inaugurated on December 15, 1909 with an impressive array of national officials attending the ceremony, headed by American Governor-general William Cameron Forbes. The early high school courses included the intermediate grades but in 1926, due to an increase in enrolment and lack of school buildings, the intermediate students were separated from the high school administration. The school had its first graduation in 1922. The first American Principal was Henry Smith, and the last was William Goldrich. The first Filipino principal was Simeon Vale (1928). On June 1, 1965, Republic Act 4247 converted the MOHS into a national high school to be known as the Misamis Oriental  General Comprehensive High School. On July 1970, late afternoon classes under the auspices of the provincial Government and continued up to school year 1981-82. However, the Schools Division Superintendent of Misamis Oriental, strongly recommended the conversion of the said school into a Provincial High School, to be supported by the province. It is now known as the Misamis Oriental provincial High school (MOPS), late afternoon classes, occupying the same school site as MOGCHS. In 1990-91, MOPHS was transferred to Balingasag. The first alumnus Principal was Mr. Francisco C. Galarrita. He was followed by Mrs. Nenita Ilg. Dael, Mr. Pedrito D. Acac, Mrs. Angela M. Paler, and Mr. Maximo L. Natindim, Jr. (2nd alumnus principal. The present Principal, Mr. Pedro H. Montejo, continued pooling resources and made strong representations with outside linkages for infrastructure and other development facilities to maintain the school’s premier standing. The unique identity of the Misamis Oriental General Comprehensive High School made it the biggest high school in the Division of Misamis Oriental. Besides being the oldest (founded 1909), it is strategically located in the heart of the city of Cagayan de Oro, thus its populace is generally coming from the city. The increasing number of enrollees was seen not much of an advantage. The common problems of public education were observed from the shortage of chairs to deteriorating quality of education.However, despite its weaknesses, the school is still trying to support and commit to the DepEd’s thrusts and programs as well as taking every opportunity offered by different stakeholders, and has thus become known as the home of the champions.”


A Defender of the Poor  Don Apolinar Velez was born on Jan 23, 1865, in Cagayan, Misamis. He is the son of Blas Velez and Saturnina Ramos. He was educated at Fra. R. Zueco’s private school of Attorney Leoncio Roa, and S. Jis de Ortega’s college. In 1884, he was a clerk in the office of the court of first instance of Misamis. From 1886 to 1891, he held the positions of oficial de mesa, interpreter, and defensor depresos pobres. Previous to that time, he held the post of second lieutenant of infantry of the Spanish army, and was decorated with the Medalla de Mindanao.In 1898, he was made chief of the division of justice of the provincial council of the Revolutionary Government two years later, he was promoted to the rank of major of the revolutionary army and chief of the battalion “El Mindanao.” From 1901 to 1906, Don Apolinar Velez held the post of provincial secretary after which he was elected governor of Misamis for two terms.  During the 1928 election, in response to the demands of his sympathizers, he ran for the post of municipal president of Cagayan, and was easily elected. He ran for the position of member of the provincial board last June and was elected to hold office for the next three years Don Apolinar spends his leisure hours playing chess or billiard, or reading books. He plays the piano, like everybody else in the family. He married Leona Chaves y Roa on May 10, 1887, thus joining two of the biggest families in Misamis.


MOGCHS envisions to being a strong institution, producing values-oriented students, who commit to the development of Culture of Excellence.


Guided by this vision, this school shall lead in the implementation of DepEd’s curricular programs for quality and relevant education to develop responsible citizens capable of improving quality of life and meeting the needs of society which MOGCHS shall realize through excellence of instruction in a nurturing and caring environment.


The school shall endeavor to achieve the following goals and objectives for SY 2005-2007, namely

1. Conduct remedial/enrichment program to reduce by 5% the number of disabled readers and slow learners.
2. Train about 99% of the teachers in the implementation of RBEC.
3. Provide by about 95% the needed basic physical and instructional materials.
4. Assure by 90% the sustainability of the DepEd Computerization Program.
5. Involve, by about 95%, the school community to make the institution an effective Leader School.
6. Establish up to 95% the equality linkages for smooth school operation.


Secondary School Principal      :           Mr. Pedro H. Montejo

                Department Heads:

Head Teacher IV (English):       Mrs. Vicenta B. Apepe

Head Teacher V (AP):               Mr. Miguel B. Virtudazo

Head Teacher III  (Science):     Mrs. Olga C. Alonsabe

Head Teacher III  (Filipino):     Mrs. Rhodora L. Gallares

Head Teacher III (TLE):           Mr. Sinforoso R. Montil, Jr.

OIC - Head Teacher ( MAPEH): Mrs. Cora Villorente

OIC- Head Teacher (Math):     Mr. Nelson Absin

OIC- Head Teacher (EP):        Mrs. Cornelia B. Paje


Administrative Officer             :           Mr. Silverio M. Paclar

Unit Auditor                          :           Evangelista  L. Mansilla

Alumni Association President   :           Kgd. Jose Pepe P. Abbu

General PTA President            :           Mr. Rogelio “Jigs” Jaraula Jr.


Once a governor of Misamis
Province, comprising of what
known today as Mis. Or.
and Mis. Occ. He is the
school  founder.

Class Veledictorian of 195    3
Ex-congressman, Lone
District Cagayan de Oro City

A Graduate and Valedictorian of Class '52
Former Governor & Assemblyman of Mis. Or.

A Graduate and Valedictorian of
Class '74
Former City Mayor of Cag. de Oro
and Assemblyman of R-10

The only alumnus to become
Brig. Gen. of the Philippines

The only alumnus who has
established a Radio Broad. Company
The Radio Min. Network Company.
Valedictorian of Class '40

The only alumnus to become a
Dean of the College of Law &
1st Dean of Commerce Xavier
University, Cagayan de Oro City

Congressman, Lone District of
Csgayan de Oro City
Chair of the Com. of Agri. in the
House of Represent.

An alumnus who became
Philippine Ambassador to Japan,
Past Undersecretary of
Foreign Affairs & a Con-Con delegate

1st Alumnus who became City Fiscal of CDO.
He is the Father of the Former
Sen. Aquilino Q. Pimentel Jr.

The only alumnus signatory of the
Constitution of the Philippine in his
capacity as delegate of Bukidnon.

The only alumnus to become
Principal of MOGCHS



Historical Background of MOGCHS " The Home Of The Champion's "

   The Misamis Oriental High School, now the Misamis Oriental General Comprehensive High School was founded through the initiative of the late Don Apolinar Velez Y. Ramos, the first elected governor of Misamis Oriental and Misamis Occidental. At the time, only primary education could be obtained in Cagayan de Misamis. After the 4th grade, students had to go either in Manila or to Cebu to continue their studies. Consequently, only the wealthy could send their children to these places and the poor had no opportunity to pursue their studies. This, Governor Velez sought to remedy by putting up the first secondary school in Misamis Province. So he went to Manila the set of then highly centralized Insular Government and conferred with the education officials and finally had an audience with the American Governor-General- William Cameron Forbes. The Governor however, agreed to release only P16, 000.00 for this project estimated to cost P32, 000.00 with the province raising the half or a counterpart fund and setting up a sizeable site for the school building and athletic field. 
After almost three years of intensive fund campaign Governor Velez was able to put up the first building in the present site of the Misamis Oriental General Comprehensive High School. The site is located in Lot No. 426, Cad. 387, Case 2, Cagayan Cadastre with a total area of 73, 629 hectares.
On the north and northeast side of the building where the Pelaez Sports Center now proudly stands where the vegetable gardens which were owned by several families- the Abrios, Caballeros, Corrales, Dalmans, Damiles, Galans, Mabulays, Pacaliogas, Ralutos, Salusos, Raypons, Saarenas, Tabiques, Velez and Yabuts. They sold their lots for a very low price as their contribution to the project to Ex-Judge Nicolas Capistrano who did not hesitate to exchange the whole area with a less valuable lot in Agusan, Misamis Oriental.

   The school was formally inaugurated on December 15, 1909 with the impressive array of national officials attending the ceremonies. The prominent guests included the American Governor-General William Cameron Forbes, Speaker Sergio Osmena Sr, Hon. Manuel L. Quezon of Tayabas, Hon. Jose Clarin of Bohol, Hon. Manuel Tinio of Nueva Ecija, Hon. Dionesio Jacosalem of Cebu and Tomas Earshaw of Manila.

   Classes were opened for the intermediate grades and for first year high school. The second, third and fourth year classes were added as soon as funds becomes available. The First Filipino teachers in the intermediate grades were Esperanza Roa Ongpin and Juanita Fenandez -Neri. The School had its first graduation in 1922 with Pilar Gaerlan, Laureana Rabe - Canoy, Milagros Roa Solidium. Messrs Francisco Abejay, Sotero Bacas, Roque Chavez, Ernesto Fernandez, Daniel Gallarita, Clemente Galindo, Pedro Pimentel, Federico Roa and Juan Uriarte as the fist graduates. The early high school course included the intermediate grades but in 192, due to an increase in enrolment and lack of school building, the intermediate students were separated from the high school administration.

   American educators charted its course during the years of American colonization but later on they turned over this responsibility to the Filipinos. These were the Principals who provided leadership and guidance by their administration.
School Data

Numbers of Teachers:                                                 199
                    Teacher I                      123
                    Teacher II                        12
                    Teacher III                       42
                    Master Teacher I            16
                    Master Teacher II             6

Head Teachers                                                                 8
Non-Teaching Personnel                                                18
Secondary School Principal IV                                       1

             The school caters to students from all walks of life and almost all are from rural and urban barangays of Cagayan de Oro City.
             As of June 2003, enrolment data as follows:

     Year Level                       No. of Sections                      Population
First Year                                          36                                         2360
Second Year                                    37                                         2359
Third Year                                         29                                         2438
Fourth Year                                       30                                         1243

TOTAL                                             132                                        8400          


Department Heads:                      Mrs. Vicenta B. Apepe (English)
                                                        Mr. Miguel B. Virtudazo (AP)
                                                        Mrs. Alicia J. Abao (MAPEH)
                                                        Mr. Jose J. Alonsabe (Science)
                                                        Mrs. Olga C. Alonsabe (OIC, EP)
                                                        Mrs. Virginia A. Buana (Math)
                                                        Mrs. Rhodora L. Gallares (Filipino)
                                                        Mr. Sinforoso R. Montil Jr. (TLE)

General PTA President:                Mr. Rogelio "Jigs" Jaraula
Alumni Association President:     Kgd. Jose Pepe P. Abbu
SBO President:                              Rene Alonsabe Ogatis (Batch 2003-2004)

1.     Adelfo S. Abne                          10.   Danilo L. Fernandez
2.     Erwin L. Abragan                       11.   Ernessa M. Hambre
3.     Eden Gloria G. Adajar               12.   Jessica M. Kaamiño
4.     Pedro L. Agbu, Jr.                      13.   Edgar G. Magallanes   
5.     Aida C. Amanse                         14.   Silverio M. Paclar
6.     Eduardo K. Amper                     15.   Camilo P. Salido
7.     Irma A. Baguio                            16.   Nonelito L. Ubarco
8.     Grace E. Daculiat                       17.   Melchor F. Visaya
9.     Eleuteria C. Dael                        18.   Althaea C. Barrameda

School Calendar
1 - 30 National Science Club Month
17 - Regional Science Competition
23 - Division Super Quiz Bee
30 - School Level Science Fair
7 & 14 Math Celebration
8 - School Intramurals
20 - 21 2nd quarter examination
24 - 28 Five day Break
29 Parent-teacher Conference
1 - All Saints Day (Holiday)
4 - Launching of Values Ed Month
18 - English Daze/Bookfair
30 Bonifacio Day (Holiday)
17 - Christmas Vacation Begins
1 New Year's Day (Holiday)
4 Resumption of Classes
19 - 20 3rd Quarter Examination
28 Parent-teacher conference
15 - 17 National Intel Philippines Science Fair
20 - 24 National Schools Press Conference
23 - 24 Final Examinations 4th year level
30 - 31 Final Examination 1st - 3rd year
31 Last Day of Classes
3 - 7 Year-end Review and Assessment
8 Parent - teacher Conference

This Month

 National Science Club Month Celebration

(Sponsors: YES-O, YSEC, SFC)


Intel Philippines Science Fair

Information Campaign - "Iwas Dengue"

Science Quiz

Essay Writing

Technology-based Painting Contest

Search for Mr/Miss Ambassador and Ambassadress for the Youth for Environment in School Organization (YES-O)

Journey of Science Exhibits at MPSC Science Centrum, Cagayan de Oro City

Culminating Program/Awarding Ceremony


For October

Division level IPSF

STEAG Energy Quiz

Search for Innovative Teacher

School Intramurals





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